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Sport and exercise psychology typically focuses on cultivating the ideal mind set for optimal performance (i.e., flow, being in the zone).  Balancing athletic goals with other life responsibilities can be challenging and stressful---for varsity athletes at the high school and college level, adults aiming for fitness and athletic prowess, and elite athletes in professional sports.  I work with individuals to help them address issues that might hinder performance in their chosen sport and at school or work.


Sessions are adapted for each individual or team and, besides performance enhancement, may focus on topics such as:

  • management of anxiety and moods

  • time management

  • improving coach-athlete communication

  • fostering teamwork

  • dealing with audience effects

  • coping with injury and setback

  • familial and societal issues

  • motivation and cross-training

  • guided imagery and mindfulness meditation.


I have a life-long interest in sports and many years of experience working with athletes. At Cornell University in the early 1990’s, I taught “Holistic Health for Student Athletes” to all varsity athletic teams there.  I’ve consulted with individual athletes (e.g., track & field, swimming, tennis, soccer, golf) as well as teams (e.g., lacrosse, cross-country).  More recently at Colgate University, I have focused my energies on my consultation with the Colgate University Swimming and Diving Team.  I’ve played a wide variety of sports throughout my lifetime and, as an avid spectator sports fan, I’ve viewed and read about countless athletic contests, always with an eye toward the mental side of performance and competition.  One result of my athletic involvement is a nonfiction book entitled On Target: Comparative Challenges of Sports & Games which I published in 2016.  


Sport psychological consultations are offered on a fee-for-service basis and billed at $100 per hour.  This form of counseling typically does not involve a clinical syndrome that health insurance would cover; however, upon request I will provide whatever documentation may be useful to help the client apply for insurance reimbursement.  Most consultation with an individual would likely entail only a few sessions; team consultation may be ongoing.  


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